HGR Damage Restoration

HGR carries out the “Evaluation, Project Design, Execution and Consultancy” damage restoration processes with a professional team of technicians.


Industrial Damage Restoration

HGR Damage restoration engineers are able to reach out at all the areas in Turkey within 48 hours for factory/ business office machine damages and the current situation technical report is prepared in no time.

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Residential Damage Restoration

HGR Damage Restoration works with quality devices and laboring principles, in full coordination on residential damages in order to deliver your home in no time. Our intention is for you to feel like it never happened.

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Structural Damage Restoration

Major damages may occur in the supporting columns and scissors mainly as a result of high heat transparency in the steel system structure.


Dehumidification and Drying Process

If you have a mold or bacteria problem, cleaning the surface or painting it is not a solution. In order to completely remove it, the humid percentage in the particular areas should be kept under 60%.This will cause the mold and bacteria to starve and prevent them from regenerate.


HEPP Damage Restoration

Major damages may start occurring as a result of weak diversion structures and construction area exposed to water. Most of the major flood damages that have occurred recently are caused by this particular reason.


Corrosion Prevention Damage Restoration

The Fe²O³ (Iron Oxide) that lays on surfaces effected by corrosion, gets purified from the surface by using the rust remover chemicals…


Musty Odor Damage Restoration

The two atomic oxygen molecules turn into three atomic ozone molecules after a set of reactions with the help of our full equipped American machines.


Surface Treatment Damage Restoration

The system removes dırt, oil, rust, grease, carbon, lime and paint from straight and notched surfaces as well as from rough and soft surfaces. It certainly doesn’t give any damages to the surface.


Document Recovery Damage Restoration

Your valuable documents or books that are subject to fire or flood, may suffer main damages from humid or smoke. Documents and books that contain cellulosic material, absorb carbon monoxide and bacteria right away and this can be an influence in the formation of carcinogens.

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