Electronic Appliances Damage Restoration

In electronic devices and systems cleaning and maintenance processes require professionalism. Certainly the recovery of data and documents belonging to your company is crucial but also it should be kept in mind that that smoke particles laying on electronic components directly affect the quality of occupational health. After being exposed to high temperature, the oxidation on equipment causes protective layers to experience feature loss and high corrosion is formed from the water used during the extinguish process.

Not only ordinary cleaning methods will not give any positive results but also they may cause unsolvable problems. Our professional team together with the equipment manufacturers and technical services is in charge of the different functionality equipment maintenance.

Machine Damage Restoration 

HGR Damage restoration engineers are able to reach out at all the areas in Turkey within 48 hours for factory/ business office machine damages and the current situation technical report is prepared in no time. The fixable equipment is brought to our mobile workshop by our professional team and our professional cleaning team practice a detailed procedure on the equipment to neutralize the surface of composite and metal parts. After this stage the equipment is assured to be repaired under the leadership of our professional team.

Document Recovery Services

Your valuable documents such as books that are subject to fire or flood, may suffer main damages from humid or smoke. Even if the moisture gets obtained from the paper, adhesion occurs and therefore it is impossible to perform and operation on this matter without any technological support.

1. Air Drying with Dehumidifiers.
2. Dehumidification Freeze Drying Freezer.
3. We perform drying operations with drying technologies such as Vacuum Freeze Drying and Vacuum Thermal Drying.

Commodity Repairs and Recovery Services

Commodity recovery in businesses is useful to the economy of the country and the business as well as in the manufacturing process by shortening the purchasing procedures.

Commodity repairs and cleaning procedures are performed in the business building or outside of the business at our workshop, depending on the type of the damage. In restoration processes depending on the production and work necessity, professionalism, planning, costing and time are crucial elements.

Industrial Cleaning Services

As HGR Damage Restoration, our success in the industrial cleaning is a result of our professional team and the global technology we use. We know very well that the cleaning we perform in the business building, eventually will affect the production quality. That being said, we are always ready to give our clients the professional support they may need. The unique cleaning technologies are specially performed on each one of our equipment and this is done in coordination with the associated technical service.

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  • We appreciate your devotion, care and effort.

    Prof. Dr. Mehmet Şakir Ersoy – T.C. Galatasaray Üniversitesi
    The devotion, care and effort you have shown as HGR after the fire in the T.C. Galatasaray University’s main building is admirable.
  • Thank you for your successful work.

    Mr. Zeki Yelli – Sur Yapı
    The restoration of Dora Park project was successfully completed by HGR.
  • Thank You

    Mr. Ali Türk – Courtyard Marriott
    We thank HGR for conducting a very succesfull restoration on the damages occured after the flood.
  • Thank you for you fast and attentive work.

    Yonca Plastik A.Ş.

    We thank HGR Group for successfully restoring our damages after the fire.

    We also would like to give our appreciation on behalf of our team for the fast and attentive work HGR has shown.

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