Musty Odor Damage Restoration is one of the most important processes that should be carefully taken care of after a fire. This process involves the complete removal of smoke odor and moisture induced molding. The two atomic oxygen molecules turn into three atomic ozone molecules after a set of reactions with the help of our full equipped American machines.

The flying microorganisms collapse and die as a result of ozone sticking to and destroying their cell walls. In a very sterile environment a normal two atom oxygen molecule generates by connecting with a similar atom. This effects all of the microorganisms and it destroys them. This is an influence of disinfection.

Ozone destroys, oxidizes and changes many molecules. It functions as a deodorizer. It destroys carcinogenic and harmful effects by oxidizing and damaging the heavy metals in the area, solvent vapors and toxic gases. Ozone has a flocculent effect which means that it compounds and collapses the smoke in the air, the thin dust and similar nanoparticles.

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  • We appreciate your devotion, care and effort.

    Prof. Dr. Mehmet Şakir Ersoy – T.C. Galatasaray Üniversitesi
    The devotion, care and effort you have shown as HGR after the fire in the T.C. Galatasaray University’s main building is admirable.
  • Thank you for your successful work.

    Mr. Zeki Yelli – Sur Yapı
    The restoration of Dora Park project was successfully completed by HGR.
  • Thank You

    Mr. Ali Türk – Courtyard Marriott
    We thank HGR for conducting a very succesfull restoration on the damages occured after the flood.
  • Thank you for you fast and attentive work.

    Yonca Plastik A.Ş.

    We thank HGR Group for successfully restoring our damages after the fire.

    We also would like to give our appreciation on behalf of our team for the fast and attentive work HGR has shown.

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