Carrier elements exposed to high temperature in the course of a fire may result in unrepairable structural damages. The static system of a building is examined and the greatness of the damage is determined and if possible structural strengthening projects are prepared.

You may continue your work from where you left off with the strengthening methods determined by TDY 2007. Major damages may occur in the supporting columns and scissors mainly as a result of high heat transparency in the steel system structure. Reinforced concrete buildings may show resistance against fire however the final decision is made after the samples are examined in the laboratory.

Be aware that fire damage doesn’t only refer to your structure or goods. It also refers to damages in the carrier static system of your home or office. This sensitive examination process is performed with great care and with professional construction engineers under our team.

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  • We appreciate your devotion, care and effort.

    Prof. Dr. Mehmet Şakir Ersoy – T.C. Galatasaray Üniversitesi
    The devotion, care and effort you have shown as HGR after the fire in the T.C. Galatasaray University’s main building is admirable.
  • Thank you for your successful work.

    Mr. Zeki Yelli – Sur Yapı
    The restoration of Dora Park project was successfully completed by HGR.
  • Thank You

    Mr. Ali Türk – Courtyard Marriott
    We thank HGR for conducting a very succesfull restoration on the damages occured after the flood.
  • Thank you for you fast and attentive work.

    Yonca Plastik A.Ş.

    We thank HGR Group for successfully restoring our damages after the fire.

    We also would like to give our appreciation on behalf of our team for the fast and attentive work HGR has shown.

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