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Dehumidification & Drying Process
Water damages may be due to disasters caused by changes in climate conditions, insulation weakness, internal water leakage, or by fire-extinguishing water.

If the necessary actions are not taken as soon as possible, the moisture will cause corrosion, bacteria, mold and odor formation. In such a case, floors, walls, ceilings, furniture or machinery, distribution switchboards, motor circuits, power equipment, and other electronic products may be damaged and even structural damage to the building. Furthermore, moisture brings many health problems such as asthma, allergies, and lung cancer.

Speed is the most important factor to reduce irreversible damage and restoration costs when you encounter such disasters. With its reliable technical team, HGR quickly takes the first step to save you from disaster and makes damage assessment. HGR’s experienced team carefully determines which device will be used where and measures the corrosion via corrosion meter and humidity in the environment via moisture meter.

How Does Corrosion Occur?

Corrosion is the electrochemical electrical deformation of metal and metal alloys in the presence of oxygen and water. Oxygen gas, which is soluble in water, ejects electrons from metal surfaces and tries to change to an ionic state. If the required electrons are supplied by the metal, the atoms of the oxidized metal are ionized by passing their electrons to oxygen and the metal is then subjected to chemical changes. In order to prevent corrosion, moisture must be removed from the environment.

Especially on metal surfaces, contact of the surface with air is blocked. Besides, quick drying should be carried out. HGR directs the air in the environment by using high capacity dehumidification and drying devices equipped with industrial fans and removes moisture from the damaged area, making the damaged area ready for use as soon as possible. To dry the layered structures, we use methods that require technology such as pressure drying and atmospheric drying.

The formation of mold and bacteria can be prevented and controlled.

If you are suffering from mold or bacteria problem, wiping or painting does not solve your problem; you need to keep the humidity below 60% to completely eliminate the problem. In this way, the mold and bacteria (virus, fungus, algae, yeast, parasite, spores) are not fed and their re-formation will be prevented so that you will have a better quality atmosphere.

Mold and bacterial reproduction can be controlled by decreasing the moisture level in the interior spaces and keeping mold deprived from the main food source. HGR Damage Restoration uses the high quality made German Technology machines for dehumidification and drying processes. Fungus is a kind of fungi that occurs especially with the proliferation of spores in the humid and nutrient environment. It is composed of the combination of thousands of microscopic mushrooms. When fungus is not prevented, allergens turn into Legionnaries.

HGR Halamid Practice

Due to its active structure, Halamid does not allow microorganisms to resist by quickly entering their body and destroying them. Therefore, it does not require the alternate use of active substances or concentration increase. Halamide is used for the disinfection and sterilization (dipping method) of surface, area, media, instrument or equipment. Halamide does not leave active residue, is not corrosive and may contact with skin.

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