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Document Recovery Services 

Your valuable documents and books that are subject to fire or flood may suffer great damages due to humid or smoke. Documents and books containing cellulosic material may cause the formation of carcinogenic effects since they absorb carbon monoxide and bacteria directly.

As HGR Damage Restoration, we perform recovery process with our expert staff using OSS Ozon Application following the drying operations performed with drying technologies such as Vacuum Freeze Drying and Vacuum Thermal Drying.

OSS Ozone fragments, oxides and changes many molecules. With this effect, it acts as a deodoriser. By oxidizing solvent vapour and toxic gases on documents, books or heavy metals in the environment, it destroys their carcinogenic and other harmful effects. OSS Ozone has flocculant effect, which means that it combines airborne smoke, fine dusts and similar nanoparticles and precipitates them.

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