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Electrical & Electronic Damage Restoration

HGR Damage Restoration team consists of engineers and technical staff experienced in electronic devices and systems such as distribution switchboards, motor circuits, power equipment, transformers, wire, cable and flexible cables, wiring devices, residual current device, surge protectors, lighting fixtures, ballasts, motors, electronic cards, drivers, DC control circuits, signalization, and data exchange servers. HGR, which foreseens the possible damages caused by fire, natural disasters, and internal water damage, provides emergency response and detailed reporting on the severity and evaluation of the damage and informs the relevant person.

Recovery of your company’s data is very important and furthermore, electronic devices damaged by thermal deterioration and parts of the electronic components accommodating soot particles caused by the combustion of materials directly affects occupational health. High temperature causes oxidation protective coatings on these equipment to lose their properties, which are subject to intense corrosion due to the water used during the extinguishing efforts. This will damage the operating system. If no immediate action and measures are taken, the damage is inevitable.

In case of fire damage, the distance of the devices to the damage area is important in terms of high temperature exposure. The conductive and insulating structure in the system is affected by the high temperature. Each circuit element in electronic devices has a different characteristic. Therefore, they are more sensitive than mechanical devices. Soot, particles, and airborne pollutants are the factors affecting the integrity and performance of the system due to their corrosive effects. Unless the necessary measures and urgent action are taken, it will cause serious damage to the system it controls.

Ordinary cleaning methods do not result in positive outcomes. To make matters worse, they can lead to irreversible results. Under the supervision of our expert technical staff, electronic equipment with different functions are repaired with guarantee by cooperating with equipment manufacturers and technical services.

HGR takes the necessary measures to ensure that the electrical systems and equipment damaged by flood, internal water, storm, lightning, hail or fire do not pose a security risk and check these damaged systems for repair and recovery. As a result of the controls, HGR identifies the electrical equipment that should be replaced or can be repaired and prepares a report regarding them. It ensures that the damage is repaired quickly, safely and properly.

Urgent intervention is required to prevent electronic equipment to be exposed to corrosion. If not interfered quickly, the parts of the equipment need to be replaced, which increases costs.

The HGR team makes the device “just the same” by preventing soot, fly ashes, water, acid, sludge and similar chemical formations, which spread to the devices, quickly and safely. Our technical team, whose reliability is proven, prevents your equipment to be exposed to corrosion.

Electricity-related fire is generally caused due to supply wiring laid down in contrary to the legislation, overloading in heating/cooling systems, power calculations of which were not performed, deformations in extension cables and device power supplies, unconscious use, residual current, and electrical devices.

The HGR team carries out the damage assessment with the sensitivity shown in the identification process and takes necessary measures and prevents any other possible damages. HGR carries out a wide range of business in the electrical infrastructure of industrial buildings.

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