Although HEPPs, dam and water retention structures vary according to their geography, they are the structures that are mostly affected by environmental factors during both construction and operation phase. Damage to these structures can lead to great damage in terms of both cost and profit loss.

The slag carried by the flood water immediately after the HEPP damages accumulates inside the power plant, which can negatively affect all kinds of electrical and electronic materials, cards, turbines, shaft and generator groups related to data processing, communication, control and security.

HGR engineers identify damaged assets and performs damage repairs in accordance with the conditions recommended in international specifications and DSI (General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works) regulations. Thus, they ensure that the power plant starts power generation as soon as possible.

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We appreciate your devotion, care and effort.

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Şakir Ersoy – T.C. Galatasaray Üniversitesi
The devotion, care and effort you have shown as HGR after the fire in the T.C. Galatasaray University’s main building is admirable.

Thank you for your successful work.

Mr. Zeki Yelli – Sur Yapı
The restoration of Dora Park project was successfully completed by HGR.

Thank You

Mr. Ali Türk – Courtyard Marriott
We thank HGR for conducting a very succesfull restoration on the damages occured after the flood.

Thank you for you fast and attentive work.

Yonca Plastik A.Ş.

We thank HGR Group for successfully restoring our damages after the fire.

We also would like to give our appreciation on behalf of our team for the fast and attentive work HGR has shown.

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