Machine Damage Restoration

HGR Damage restoration engineers are able to reach out at all the areas in Turkey within 24 hours for factory or business office machine damages caused by flood, fire, explosion or any other reason and the current situation technical report is prepared within the shortest time.

Corrosion is one of the most important factors causing damage to grow in machine damages. As corrosion progresses rapidly, urgent intervention is required for the machinery and equipment. In order to prevent further growth of the damage, urgent intervention is made for all machines that have not lost their function yet. In the same day, we take all measures by using state of the art technology machinery and equipment.

The equipment which can be repaired is taken to our mobile workshop together with our expert team if possible. Our professional cleaning team conducts a detailed work on these equipment. The equipment, which are exposed to soot, particles, acid vapors, mold and oil, is cleaned in detail with special chemicals in the HGR inventory.

The surfaces of composite and metal parts are neutralized. After this stage, under the leadership of our mechanical engineers, the equipment is taken to a fast repair phase and repaired with guarantee.

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We appreciate your devotion, care and effort.

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Şakir Ersoy – T.C. Galatasaray Üniversitesi
The devotion, care and effort you have shown as HGR after the fire in the T.C. Galatasaray University’s main building is admirable.

Thank you for your successful work.

Mr. Zeki Yelli – Sur Yapı
The restoration of Dora Park project was successfully completed by HGR.

Thank You

Mr. Ali Türk – Courtyard Marriott
We thank HGR for conducting a very succesfull restoration on the damages occured after the flood.

Thank you for you fast and attentive work.

Yonca Plastik A.Ş.

We thank HGR Group for successfully restoring our damages after the fire.

We also would like to give our appreciation on behalf of our team for the fast and attentive work HGR has shown.

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