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Industrial Damage Restoration

Following high technology closely, HGR Damage Restoration team uses their professional devices to perform the mechanical cleaning, corrosion work, dehumidification, drying and necessary repairs of the electrical installations and electronic devices, which are damaged, in a short time through vacuuming.

HGR, which is committed to making life easier, has succeeded in putting a smile of those who have experienced traumatic disasters such as fire and flood many times. HGR is an expert organization in the field of restoration; it performs restoration works for many sensitive industrial damage such as aviation, textile, health, food, hotel management, and energy.

Damages in industrial buildings are detected on site by HGR’s expert engineers. As HGR, our priority is to minimize the work loss of the employer or insurance arising due to damage to industrial structures. For this purpose, industrial damage restoration works are carried out on site by our expert engineers in accordance with the planned work schedule.

Electrical & Electronic Damage Restoration

HGR Damage Restoration team consists of engineers and technical staff experienced in electronic devices and systems such as distribution switchboards, motor circuits, power equipment, transformers, wire, cable and flexible cables, wiring devices, residual current device, surge protectors, lighting fixtures, ballasts, motors, electronic cards, drivers, DC control circuits, signalization, and data exchange servers. HGR, which foreseens the possible damages caused by fire, natural disasters, and internal water damage, provides emergency response and detailed reporting on the severity and evaluation of the damage and informs the relevant person.

Recovery of your company’s data is very important and furthermore, electronic devices damaged by thermal deterioration and parts of the electronic components accommodating soot particles caused by the combustion of materials directly affects occupational health. High temperature causes oxidation protective coatings on these equipment to lose their properties, which are subject to intense corrosion due to the water used during the extinguishing efforts. This will damage the operating system. If no immediate action and measures are taken, the damage is inevitable.

In case of fire damage, the distance of the devices to the damage area is important in terms of high temperature exposure. The conductive and insulating structure in the system is affected by the high temperature. Each circuit element in electronic devices has a different characteristic. Therefore, they are more sensitive than mechanical devices. Soot, particles, and airborne pollutants are the factors affecting the integrity and performance of the system due to their corrosive effects. Unless the necessary measures and urgent action are taken, it will cause serious damage to the system it controls.

Ordinary cleaning methods do not result in positive outcomes. To make matters worse, they can lead to irreversible results. Under the supervision of our expert technical staff, electronic equipment with different functions are repaired with guarantee by cooperating with equipment manufacturers and technical services.

HGR takes the necessary measures to ensure that the electrical systems and equipment damaged by flood, internal water, storm, lightning, hail or fire do not pose a security risk and check these damaged systems for repair and recovery. As a result of the controls, HGR identifies the electrical equipment that should be replaced or can be repaired and prepares a report regarding them. It ensures that the damage is repaired quickly, safely and properly.

Urgent intervention is required to prevent electronic equipment to be exposed to corrosion. If not interfered quickly, the parts of the equipment need to be replaced, which increases costs.

The HGR team makes the device “just the same” by preventing soot, fly ashes, water, acid, sludge and similar chemical formations, which spread to the devices, quickly and safely. Our technical team, whose reliability is proven, prevents your equipment to be exposed to corrosion.

Electricity-related fire is generally caused due to supply wiring laid down in contrary to the legislation, overloading in heating/cooling systems, power calculations of which were not performed, deformations in extension cables and device power supplies, unconscious use, residual current, and electrical devices.

The HGR team carries out the damage assessment with the sensitivity shown in the identification process and takes necessary measures and prevents any other possible damages. HGR carries out a wide range of business in the electrical infrastructure of industrial buildings.

Machine Damage Restoration

HGR Damage restoration engineers are able to reach out at all the areas in Turkey within 24 hours for factory or business office machine damages caused by flood, fire, explosion or any other reason and the current situation technical report is prepared within the shortest time.

Corrosion is one of the most important factors causing damage to grow in machine damages. As corrosion progresses rapidly, urgent intervention is required for the machinery and equipment. In order to prevent further growth of the damage, urgent intervention is made for all machines that have not lost their function yet. In the same day, we take all measures by using state of the art technology machinery and equipment.

The equipment which can be repaired is taken to our mobile workshop together with our expert team if possible. Our professional cleaning team conducts a detailed work on these equipment. The equipment, which are exposed to soot, particles, acid vapors, mold and oil, is cleaned in detail with special chemicals in the HGR inventory.

The surfaces of composite and metal parts are neutralized. After this stage, under the leadership of our mechanical engineers, the equipment is taken to a fast repair phase and repaired with guarantee.

Building Mechanical Installations

The location of the damage must be correctly determined since the mechanical installation infrastructures in buildings is generally placed through wall, screed and concrete. HGR uses the latest robotic equipment to detect the damage as quickly as possible and perform the repair and renewal of the damage as soon as possible.

Evaporators, condensers, and outdoor units deployed outside the building can be exposed to physical damage following a heavy rainfall as well as fire. HGR’s experienced technical team intervenes quickly and carries out repair works on channels and motor groups with the approval of the insurance expert, enabling your devices to work just the same as before.

Ventilation Installations

In buildings, workplaces and factories, the ventilation ducts absorb the smoky air at the place of damage and the fly ashes remain in the ventilation ducts, especially after a fire damage. These fly ashes spread through the canals to the entire area where damage occurs, and enters into the breathing zone air.

To clean the soot and fly ashes inside the ventilation ducts, HGR opens channels from a single point with the help of robots without disassembling all channels; thus, the detailed cleaning process is completed within a short period of time. After the cleaning process, measurement is made by using carbon monoxide detector.

The quality of the breathing zone air is one of the main factors affecting the quality of life. With this awareness, HGR makes the air coming from the channels inhalable in a short time.

Commodity Repairs and Recovery Services

Commodity recovery in businesses is useful to the economy of the country and the business as well as to the manufacturing process by shortening the purchasing procedures.

Depending on the type of the damage, commodity repairs and cleaning procedures are performed in the business building or at our workshop outside of the business building. In restoration processes, depending on the production and work necessity, professionalism, planning, costing and time are crucial elements.

Industrial Cleaning Services

The source of our success in industrial cleaning as HGR Damage Restoration is our team consisting of experts in field and the international technology we use. We know very well that the cleaning we perform in the business building will affect the production quality in the future. With our professional support, we always stand by our customers. Our cleaning technologies vary according to the equipment and we perform our cleaning works in coordination with the relevant technical service.

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