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Musty Odor Damage Restoration

One of the most important issues to be considered after a flood and internal water deluge is the complete removal of moisture-related mold in the environment. In fire damages, smoky smell is the indication of carcinogenic molecules that threaten health.

HGR restoration team with fully equipped devices performs industrial OSS Ozone Application, which converts diatomic oxygen molecules in the environment into triatomic oxygen molecules as a result of a series of reactions. Ozone, disinfection and oxidation effect of which is very powerful, is used as a treatment in medicine.

Ozone adheres to the airborne microorganisms causing the cell walls to break down and thus die and collapse. In a completely sterile environment, it combines with a similar atom and creates a diatomic normal oxygen molecule. It affects all microorganisms and leads to the destruction of the bacteria. It does not leave any chemical residue and is the most effective disinfection method.

Ozone has a destructive effect on all known types of bacteria, fungi, yeast and mold. With this effect, it acts as a deodoriser. It eliminates air pollution and unpleasant odors and saturates the oxygen level in the environment, creating a feeling of freshness and vitality in people.

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