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Residential Damage Restoration

Different from other damages, residential damage can cause both physical and psychological damage. HGR considers these sensitivities.

Building Maintenance and Repairs

When you have to deal with painting, plumbing, electricity, furniture, glass joinery, parquet, cleaning, and drying process separately, it causes loss of time and money. HGR Damage Restoration team with quality devices and laboring principles works in full coordination and delivers your home within the promised time. Our intention is for you to feel like it never happened and say “just the same”.

Furniture and Equipment Repairs

In the process of cleaning furniture and equipment with different surfaces, the priority is using the hot and cold vacuuming method to clean off the intense smoke layer. Each surface has a unique texture and most of the time, it has invisible ledges and recesses. The cleaning of these areas, where the smoke particles are settled, is only possible by using special chemicals and a professional team specific to HGR. We carry out maintenance and repair activities for your electronic, antique and all kinds of goods that are valuable to you.

Plumbing Repairs

We detect the leaks in your plumbing with advanced robots and camera devices we use for internal water damage. In order to prevent any damages on the surface, the process is performed without cracking the surface. Taking advantage of the technology and having quick and effective solutions for internal water damage, HGR Damage Restoration provides that plumbing damages are no longer a problem.

Wet and Dry Cleaning Works

Furniture, textiles and other objects exposed to water and moisture are subjected to erosive effects. They require urgent professional intervention. Improper application may lead to irreversible damages. As HGR, we respond to water damages with our dehumidifiers and professional team.

Cleaning of soot and fly ashes emerging in cases of fire damages and dispersing in all visible or invisible areas is the most important phase of restoration works. Flex application, which is performed to clean the pores of the surfaces roasted due to the dense heat, and Lac Application, in which special chemicals destroying the soot particles are used, are applications that require professionalism and experience.

As HGR, we are aware of that conditions with adverse effects to human health such as moisture, odor and smut occur after water and fire damages. It is especially important to eliminate the carcinogenic effect caused by the smoke particles. HGR, which foresees the problems that will be caused by the improper industrial cleaning, shows its difference.

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