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Structural Damage Restoration

Fire is seen only as damage to architecture or property. However, it does not only damage the surfaces, it can also damage the carrier static system of your home or workplace. Carrier elements exposed to high temperature in the course of a fire may result in unrepairable structural damages. Civil engineers working within HGR perform the static survey of the building, inspect the carrier system and determine the severity of the damage. Structural strengthening projects are prepared if possible so that the structure is made livable and usable again without leaving any weakness in the structure in terms of security.

Particularly in the steel structure systems, major damages may occur in the supporting columns and scissors as a result of high heat transparency. Reinforced concrete buildings may be more resistant to fire, however, the final decision is made after the samples are examined in the laboratory. This sensitive examination process is performed with great care and with professional civil engineers under our team.

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