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Surface Purification Damage Restoration

“ARMEX Accustrip Surface Cleaning System” is one of the most effective systems within the HGR. This technology is a spray system used with Armex Blast Media. Armex Blast Media has been developed upon the request of NASA and American Ministry of Environment (EPA) for cleaning and maintenance purposes of space shuttle and other systems.

The system removes dirt, oil, rust, grease, carbon, lime and paint from straight and notched surfaces as well as from rough and soft surfaces. The raw material used in spraying is a water-soluble white powder and is not harmful to health since it is manufactured from fruit acids. It certainly does not damage the surface, does not scratch glass, does not damage the fiberglass or wood. It further does not deform rubber bearing and gasket-like materials.

Especially in partial repairs, paint coats can be pulled out one by one or all at once. Due to the characteristic of the system, removal of delamination can be performed under control and therefore, cleaning can be performed on galvanized or other protected surfaces
without damaging the protective layer. This is an odorless, non-combustible, and non-flammable material. It does not have any gas discharge harmful to health.

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